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Sheepie ® Bookara Thinnest hardcover ever

Discover The Sheepie® Bookara

Sheepie® Bookara: The thinnest hard cover

The Sheepie® Bookara is an innovative hard-shell rooftop tent that was first introduced in the spring of 2020. The Bookara quickly became known as one of the thinnest hard-shell rooftop tents on the market. It’s only 15cm thick in its closed position. With the fitting rails included the height is 18cm total. This not only makes it one of the thinnest, but also one of the lightest hard-shell rooftop tents available. The Bookara has also been fitted with the innovative gas spring system that automatically opens the cover, providing a quick and easy setup.

In 2023, Sheepie® introduced a 2.0 version of the Bookara. The 2.0 version comes with several upgrades, such as a new mattress, new LED light strip, improved cover locks, and an upgraded ladder.

Product presentation of the Sheepie Bookara
Bookara flat rooftop tent Load Bars

Discover the Bookara, resistant to extreme weather conditions

Despite its slim design, the Sheepie® Bookara is very sturdy, durable, and can withstand all types of weather conditions. The windows provide a natural airflow, which also reduces condensation. The curved frame bar at the front provides better drainage during rain storms, and an optional insulating thermo inner tent is available for camping in colder weather. The thermo inner tent can easily be attached to the inside of the Bookara and comes in a medium or large size.

Sheepie® Bookara the ultimate roof tent for the adventurer

Thanks to its lightweight design, the Bookara can also be fitted on smaller vehicles, such as compact SUVs, or station wagons, making it a very accessible hard-shell rooftop tent. One of the advantages of a hard-shell rooftop tent is that you don’t have to put a separate cover over it, which makes this type of rooftop tent even faster to set up and fold down. Other advantages are lower air resistance during driving, and the fact that you can attach load bars to the cover of a hard-shell rooftop tent, which provides additional cargo space.

The Bookara 2.0 is available in a medium and large size, and comes standard with a mattress, shoe bags, integrated LED light strip, internal storage bags, mosquito netting, a ladder, and attachable load bars for carrying cargo on top of the cover.

Sheepie® also offers several accessories that can be attached to the Bookara, such as the Awning Plus, the Thermo inner tent, and more.

Features Bookara

Details description of the Sheepie Bookara
Details mobile description of the Sheepie Bookara

Technical specifications Bookara




Sleeping capacity

2 persons

2 persons

Dimensions (closed)

220 x 130 cm

220 x 150 cm

Height closed

15 cm (18 cm incl. mounting rails)

15 cm (18 cm incl. mounting rails)

Dimensions (open)

220 x 135 cm

220 x 155 cm

Mattress size

120 x 200 cm

140 x 200 cm

Interior height

80-120 cm

80-120 cm

Weight (excl. ladder)

58 kg

65 kg

Bookara general


100% Aluminium

Inner tent

Polycotton with water-resistant Polyurethane coating

Outer tent

Polyoxford with water-resistant Polyurethane coating, UV & mold resistant

Standard accessories

2 shoe bags, dimmable LED light strip, attachable top-mounted cargo


2 shoe bags, dimmable LED light strip, attachable top-mounted cargo


Aluminium hard cover


Grey-Green inner tent/Black cover

Mosquito screens

Windows, Door and Ceiling


All seasons