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The Sheepie® Yuna 2.0 a unique rooftop tent

The Sheepie® Yuna is an innovative rooftop tent with a unique design and a mattress length of 250cm! Setting up the Yuna is very easy and can be done within 2 minutes. Unlike other folding rooftop tents, the frame bars of the Yuna are mounted on the outside, which optimizes the living space inside the rooftop tent and makes folding down even easier. This is because the tent fabric naturally falls inward when folding the rooftop tent to its closed position. The Yuna also offers a magnificant view of your surroundings with its panoramic windows. Available in 140, 160, and Family size.

Page Product presentation of the Sheepie Yuna

The Sheepie® Jimba Jimba a versatile rooftop tent

The Sheepie® Jimba Jimba is the original Sheepie® rooftop tent. Setting up the Jimba Jimba is very easy and only takes a minute or less thanks to the gas springs that automatically unfold the rooftop tent. With the Jimba Jimba, Sheepie® was the first to use this innovative gas spring system on the European market. The lightweight design also makes the Jimba Jimba suitable for a very wide range of vehicles.

Product presentation of the Sheepie Jimba Jimba

The Sheepie® Bookara a robust rooftop tent in a slim package

The Sheepie® Bookara is one of the thinnest hardcover rooftop tents on the market. It’s only 15cm thick in its closed position. With the fitting rails included the height is 18cm total. The Bookara is very easy to set up, and the cover opens with gas springs. One of the advantages of a hardcover rooftop tent is that you don’t have to put a separate cover over it. This makes this type of rooftop tent even faster to set up and fold down. The Bookara is Available in both a medium and large size.

Product presentation of the Sheepie Bookara
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