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We love camping in nature. The ultimate feeling of freedom. With the Sheepie® outdoor collection, you will do it in style and with maximum comfort. We know which materials are the best to use, as do our experienced customers.

Sheepie rooftop tents are well tested. Within the Sheepie® collection, there are several models available. Most of the rooftop tents have a base of an aluminum frame. Therefore the Sheepie rooftop tents are the lightest and most durable in the market.

Enjoy the maximum freedom you get with a Sheepie® roof tent. With a roof tent, you can go and camp almost anywhere and whenever you want. Sheepie has a roof tent for nearly every car, whether you have a passenger car, SUV, or off-road. It is also possible to mount our roof tents on your trailer. Sheepie roof tents are set up in no time, and the mattress & ladder is standard in the roof tent. Now you can turn your car into a camper.

Sheepie® has several unique models of rooftop tents. Please see below or visit one of our dealers to test and feel our products.

Sheepie® Bookara

La cubierta dura más delgada de la historia

Sheepie® Jimba Jimba

Una tienda fantástica por un excelente precio

Sheepie® Yuna

Una versátil tienda de techo tipo libro

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