Sheepie® Flagship Store – House of Sheepie!

The first Dutch Sheepie® flagship store has officially opened its doors. Here, all outdoor fans can discover the complete product range of Sheepie in one big showroom.

Kerkrade is the first European city to have its own Sheepie® flagship store. Right in de corner of Belgium, Germany and The Netherland the complete range of Sheepie Rooftop tents and accessories is shown.

Sheepie® Become part of our passion and explore like never before.

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More information

If you have any questions about the official Sheepie® Flagship store do not hesitate to contact them. Details can be found on the website of Nordic Tents.

Sheepie® retailers

Is the Sheepie® Flaghip Store to far away?

Finding a Sheepie retailer nearby is easy, just check our retailer page to see which dealer is nearest to you! Our qualified retailers will have no problem helping you to find your perfect Sheepie® product.

Enjoy the real outdoors with a Sheepie® rooftop tent

Camping is one thing; going out with a rooftop tent is an entirely different experience! Want to relax and look out over a ravine? No problem! Enough of your car ride? In no time you can relax in your rooftop tent! No problems with bad surfaces or (too much) water under your groundsheet. You can sleep high, dry, and comfortable on your own car. And the best part is that you can do all that on almost every regular, comfortable car. Sheepie® rooftop tents fit almost any car. Nowadays, the Sheepie® rooftop tent has become the standard both for the seasoned 4×4 enthusiasts and for families with children with a rooftop tent on their passenger cars. In addition to the various models of roof tents, we also have an extensive line of accessories that make (camping) life even more attractive.