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Sheepie® Chuck Box Versatile and stylish cooking

The Sheepie® Chuck box is an innovative, multifunctional and portable kitchen specially designed to make outdoor cooking easier and more comfortable. It also functions as a table and convenient place to store cooking equipment.

The Sheepie® Chuck box has been built with durability and functionality in mind. It can be used in almost any environment thanks to its compact and easy-to-use design. Its aluminum construction also makes it lightweight, robust, and resistant to corrosion and extreme temperatures.

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The Sheepie® Chuck Box the ultimate cooking box for the adventurer

Setting up the Chuck box is quick and easy thanks to the gas springs that automatically unfold the base once the case has been opened. The Chuck box comes standard with an empty storage bag that perfectly fits inside the frame, even when the Chuck box has been closed. This storage bag is perfect for bringing along your favorite cooking equipment, cutlery, spices, herbs, cups and plates without sacrificing any additional cargo space inside your vehicle or backpack. Another notable feature of the Chuck box is its built-in high output gas stove, which also comes with a wind stopper that will prevent the flame from being blown out in windy conditions.

So, whether you’re making dinner during a sunset at the beach, or making breakfast while on an adventure through the mountains, the Sheepie® Chuck box will be a perfect choice, no matter the circumstances.

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Specifications Chuck Box

Chuck Box general

Base Construction

Durable construction, aluminum


Brown / Aluminium

Standard accessories

Storage bag that fits perfectly in the chuck box

Closed dimensions (l x b x h)

57 x 34 x 38 cm

Fold out dimensions (l x b x h)

108 x 96 x 62 cm

Weight (including windshield and bag)

14,2 Kg