Sheepie® accessories Now thats handy!

Our multifunctional Chuck box

The Sheepie chuck box is a portable kitchen specially designed to make cooking while camping easier and more comfortable. It’s also a compact and well-organized storage box that stores all essential cooking tools and accessories such as pots, pans, cutlery, plates, cups and even herbs and spices.

Sheepie Chuck Box (1)

Our spacious annex

The Annex can be set up in 10 minutes or less and easily attaches to the front of your rooftop tent. Depending on the width of your rooftop tent, you will have a roomy or very spacious living room.


Our versitile awning

The Awning Plus allows you to expand the living space around your rooftop tent. Want to cook while staying dry in the rain, or sit out of the wind? This easy-to-install awning makes it all possible.

Our warm thermo inner tent

The thermo inner tent is an indispensable accessory for the rooftop tent enthusiast who likes to go to the extremes. The thermo inner tent attaches to the inside of your rooftop tent with Velcro and can remain in place when folding down your rooftop tent.

Custom Mattress Cover

Keep your Yuna mattress looking new by protecting it from accidental spills, dirt, and normal wear.

The 100% cotton custom mattress protector slips on like a fitted sheet so it’s easy to remove for washing

Sheepie Yuna mattress cover

Anti-Condensation Mats

The anti-condensation mat is an indispensable accessory for preserving your mattress. It’s made out of an ultralight material, and the extra cushioning and padding are a positive side effect that will further improve your sleeping comfort. The anti-condensation mat can also remain in place when folding down your rooftop tent.

Anti-Theft kit

The Sheepie removable Anti-Theft Kit is a unique high-torque security drive system which can only be undone with the matching socket. The round shape and case hardened steel construction makes it extra resistant to tampering. This nut can be turned both ways allowing it to become removable using the matching socket.

Anti Theft Rooftop tent