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Sheepie® The Story

The story of Sheepie® rooftop tents

So, where did the story of Sheepie® begin? In Western Australia!

It all started in 1999, when the founders of Sheepie® were camping under harsh conditions deep in the Australian Outback. The equipment they were using did not meet their demands and wishes at all! The rough environment and varying temperatures (hot during the day and cold at night) inspired them to develop an alternative way of camping. The result? Sheepie®, one of the standards in rooftop tents all over the world.

You don’t achieve this by sitting still

By continuous development and innovation since day 1, Sheepie® rooftop tents has become the standard both for the seasoned 4×4 enthusiasts and for families with children and a rooftop tent on their passenger cars. In addition to the various models of rooftop tents, we also have an extensive line of accessories that make (camping) life even more attractive.

Sheepie-Jimba Jimba UAZ

Sheepie® Timeline

1999 Australia

In the heart of Australia, 2 mates embarked on a road trip to uncover hidden gems. Their brilliant camping plan led them to remote spots, where starlit deserts and coastal cliffs became their temporary homes. The journey wasn’t just about landscapes; it was a celebration of friendship and the wild Aussie spirit.


2014 Introducing the Outback Electric

Introducing our groundbreaking electric rooftop tent – a game-changer in outdoor adventure. With seamless setup at the touch of a button in the app, it redefines camping comfort. Lightweight and tech-savvy, our first tent blends innovation and nature seamlessly, offering an elevated camping experience under the open skies. Embrace the future of outdoor living.

Outback Electric

2015 Introducing the Jimba Jimba

Introducing our revolutionary rooftop tent – boasting an external frame for quick, hassle-free setup. Redefining camping convenience, it unfolds effortlessly, offering instant shelter with a sleek design. Elevate your adventure with this game-changing innovation, ensuring a stress-free and comfortable escape into the great outdoors.

Our journey is one of constant evolution. Year after year, we’ve fine-tuned our Jimba Jimba, and we’re proud to announce that we’ve reached version 3. This ongoing commitment to improvement ensures that our customers benefit from the latest advancements, pushing the boundaries of quality and innovation in every aspect of our offering.


2017 Introducing the Gascoyne

In 2017, we proudly launched our inaugural hardcover rooftop tent, The Gascoyne, redefining outdoor comfort. As it gracefully concludes its journey in 2020, The Bookara emerges as its successor, embodying enhanced features and innovation. Farewell to a trailblazer; welcome the future of elevated camping experiences.

Sheepie Gascoyne

2018 Introducing the Yuna

In 2018, we unveiled the Yuna rooftop tent, a versatile tent fitting almost every car model. Engineered for convenience, it offered four size variations accommodating up to four people. The Yuna set a new standard for adaptable and comfortable camping, ensuring adventure enthusiasts could explore with ease and unmatched comfort.

Dedicated to innovation, we’ve relentlessly enhanced our product year after year. Each iteration reflects a commitment to refining and perfecting the user experience. With a passion for improvement, we continually push boundaries to ensure our customers enjoy the latest and best in technology and design.


2019 Warehouse Expansion: Optimizing Logistics

In 2019, we proudly unveiled our cutting-edge warehouse, purpose-built to accommodate large trucks. This strategic expansion underscores our commitment to seamless logistics, ensuring efficient operations. With advanced infrastructure, we’re poised to meet evolving industry demands and exceed expectations.

Sheepie Warehouse

2020 Introducing the Sheepie® Bookara

Pioneering a new era in rooftop tents, we proudly introduced the market’s thinnest hardcover. It seamlessly blended sleek design with durability, redefining compact luxury. Our ultrathin rooftop tent elevated outdoor experiences, setting a new standard in adventure gear that resonates with those seeking both portability and comfort.

Bookara Roof Top Tent production

2020 We welcome our 25th Reseller Sheepie®

In 2020 we were thrilled to announce our 25th reseller. Located in Spain! Experience the essence of our brand all around Europe!

Dealer Spain Sheepie products

2021 Opening Sheepie® Flagship store

Excitement filled the air as we celebrated the grand opening of our Sheepie flagship store. Nestled in The Netherlands, the space exuded elegance and innovation. Customers explored exclusive collections, immersing themselves in a unique shopping experience. The flagship store stands as a beacon of our brand’s vision and style.


2022 Introduction of the Sheepie® Chuckbox

Introducing the Sheepie Chuck Box, a culinary game-changer in 2022. This compact cooking system redefines outdoor gastronomy, combining efficiency and portability. Designed for adventurers seeking a gourmet touch on the go, it promises a hassle-free and delightful outdoor culinary experience. Elevate your camping cuisine with the innovative Sheepie Chuck Box.

Sheepie Chuck Box (3)

2023 Opening New Sheepie® Head Office

Elevating our brand to new heights, the grand opening of our state-of-the-art head office marks a pivotal moment. Nestled in a dynamic hub, the space epitomizes innovation and collaboration. A beacon of our corporate identity, it reflects our commitment to excellence, setting the stage for a thriving future.

Sheepie Head Office

2024 The Sheepie® Truck hits the road

The early months of 2024 brought exciting news as the Sheepie® truck made its debut appearance.

Used to improve logistics and attract more attention from our clients, the Sheepie® truck has proven to be a valuable asset and a real eye-catcher.

Sheepie truck roof top tents